The Britton Family | Family Portraits | National Building Museum, Washington, DC

Family portraits Washington DC's National Building Museum

Another fantastic part of my job is getting the opportunity to photograph my clients throughout all the exciting stages in their lives: marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth!

I met little Ian for the first time on a crisp fall day. I guess I technically met him a year ago when I photographed him in his mamma’s belly, but this time I got to play with Ian and have the awesome experience of seeing Susan and Steve as parents! Everyone has different parenting styles, and I feel that I learn so much by watching my clients as they make their way through the great adventure that is parenting. And Susan and Steve are great parents who work well as a team!

Susan, Steve, Ian and I all met up at the National Building Museum in DC. Since it was a pretty brisk and chilly day I knew the Building Museum would be a fantastic place for Ian to move around inside. Luckily, as the weather warmed up we were able to take advantage of the grounds outside too! If you haven’t been to the National Building Museum, it’s such an amazing and, I feel, undervalued space in DC to meet up, learn, play, and explore. And while it’s a fantastic place for children, it’s also a great place for adults too!

It truly is an honor for me to document a new family. I remember when I first started as a full time photographer all those many years ago. I was, for some strange reason, afraid to work with families and children. I know now that my comfort level comes from my own growth and maturity as a person and photographer, but my relationships with my clients have also evolved over the years to a point at which I feel, if even just for a day, like a small part of their families. I feel like I am on this adventure with them as they navigate and explore what it means to be in a marriage, have children, relocate to new places…all that learning and life experience trickles down to me when we meet for a session. I feel this experience has given me perspective, confidence, and connection, all of which I believe only enhance my work as a photographer.

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