Della & Kevin | Married @ The Carlyle House | Old Town Alexandria, VA


Woohoo, Della and Kevin pulled it off! What a tremendous job they did of creating a personalized and memorable wedding day at the Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria. Della and I started the afternoon off at the Hotel Monaco where she was getting all done up, then we walked down to meet Kevin for a first look at the infamous corner of King and Pitt Streets. The first look took us down the side streets of Old Town scoping out nooks and crannies for portraits. Then off  we went, wedding party in tow, to the historic Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria where we crossed paths with a street performer rockin’ out on the banjo… ok, so he was just sitting and picking away, but it was still cool!

With a yummy color palette of deep purples and oranges, the patio of the Carlyle house was transformed into a magical place including board games, I-spy games, and a massive D&D die for guests to roll. Rather than numbers, the die was littered with things for Kevin and Della to do – and as true gamers, they had to follow the rules and play along!

Kevin and Della brought together so many beautiful aspects of their individual personalities—as well as the relationship they’ve been building—to create a special wedding day. Congratulations you two, you did it your way and it was fabulous!!!! It was hard won, as most weddings are… the planning can become a bit overwhelming (I know I’ve been there!) and sometimes we feel like we are losing sight of who we are and what we really want the day to be about. Your wedding was a reminder that a wedding can be whatever you make it, and it was apparent in the vows you wrote to one another that you are deeply committed to always supporting one another in each and every endeavor.


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 D&K Cake Reception Montage

Della & Kevin, I wish you  a long happy life, I know you’ll make it a magical adventure together.



And a BIG thank you to Jenna Miller and John Mortenson for their excellent work as 2nd shooters and lighting assistants! Couldn’t have done it without you both!!

And another big big shout out to Anne Simpson for making Della and Kevin’s wedding day vision into reality! Wedding coordinator extraordinaire she is!