Hollis Family | Children’s Portraits | Glen Echo Park, MD


Another great photo session at Glen Echo Park in Maryland this past Memorial Day weekend, with yet another H-B Woodlawn Alum! Not only is she an H-B girl, Laura also graduated with me in ’94. Woot! It was beyond fun to see Laura and to meet Jason and the boys. Reconnecting with Laura and seeing her family made me quickly realize… we really are all grown up… it’s a fact. Laura and Jason are doing a tremendous job raising their boys, which I imagine ain’t an easy feat! We had a blast exploring  Glen Echo together, and boy did we time it perfectly. No crowds, the weather was great, and we wrapped up just as the Glen Echo Festival was beginning!

I feel so honored to have had yet another chance to document another member of my H-B family, and to reconnect now that we have 20 years of post-high school life in our past. I am who I am now because of H-B Woodlawn. I know I say that often, but the love, admiration, and respect I feel for that place and all of the truly extraordinary people who are products of the H-B Woodlawn program are tremendous! Thank you Hollis family for making time for photos on your visit back “home.” The pure glee on the boys’ faces during bubble time made my day!


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Maya and Fin | Children’s Portrait Session | Glen Echo Park, Maryland


To see the fun and whimsical favorites from the day, you can visit the full gallery from our time at Glen Echo!

What fun getting to experience Glen Echo Park with children who haven’t been there before! That was the case this past weekend with Maya and Fin! I spent so much of my childhood at Glen Echo (not to mention most of my 20’s too), so coming back here to photograph weddings, family, and the like is always so joyful! It really is an ideal place for taking portraits of kids. Not only are there plenty of places for them to explore and run free, the back drop is so colorful and easy to photograph! We had a blast climbing, running, spinning and jumping on, off, and around the entire historic grounds of Glen Echo.

Maya and Fin were adorable, and had a whole host of ideas for posing which I LOVE. Not to mention, Maya had some seriously fantastic fashion accessories she wanted to make sure to document. What great kids! They just made my day!