Greg & Alyse and Puppy Mason | Engagement Session | Old Town Alexandria, VA

Greg and Alyse_Blog_0001


I had the pleasure of meeting Alyse, Greg and puppy Mason in Old Town Alexandria this past week. Alyse and Greg are getting married in Michigan on July 12th! It might have been one of DC’s notoriously hot and humid days, but we still managed to have a grand ole time down on the water front! Alyse had warned me about Mason’s charm and awe inspiring stature, as great Danes usually do attract attention. Boy was she right to give me the heads up–just about everyone stopped and stared, made very audible comments and were just dumbfounded at his beauty and size! Mason almost did steal the show, but Greg and Alyse are just so darn good lookin’ we definitely got us some fantabulous images!


Greg and Alyse_Blog_0002 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0003 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0004 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0005 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0006 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0008 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0009 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0010 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0011 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0012 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0013 Greg and Alyse_Blog_0014