Greg & Alyse and Puppy Mason | Engagement Session | Old Town Alexandria, VA

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I had the pleasure of meeting Alyse, Greg and puppy Mason in Old Town Alexandria this past week. Alyse and Greg are getting married in Michigan on July 12th! It might have been one of DC’s notoriously hot and humid days, but we still managed to have a grand ole time down on the water front! Alyse had warned me about Mason’s charm and awe inspiring stature, as great Danes usually do attract attention. Boy was she right to give me the heads up–just about everyone stopped and stared, made very audible comments and were just dumbfounded at his beauty and size! Mason almost did steal the show, but Greg and Alyse are just so darn good lookin’ we definitely got us some fantabulous images!


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The Ward Family | A 70th Birthday Celebration | Alexandria, VA

Family photographer Northern VA

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What can I say about the Ward family, except that I was SO impressed by all of them! I have a smaller family, so when I get the opportunity to be around a big one I am always watching with interest and curiosity. I noticed right away how much respect and love moved between all of the siblings, parents and kids! And then walking into the house I could feel the history of the Ward family; it emanated from the photos on the walls, the trinkets from years past and trips around the world. The house was gorgeous and warm and cozy all at the same time.  Like most families these days, the adult kids are spread out across the country so dad’s 70th birthday was a great excuse for everyone to come together to celebrate. And with 7 grandkids, celebrate they DID! It was a jubilant and hilarious affair complete with musical performances, and a spur of the moment Conga line! It just doesn’t get much better than that!

It was a true joy to be a part of this celebration! I think the images speak for themselves as to how this family relates to one another. It was truly a memorable experience for me.