Della & Kevin | Married @ The Carlyle House | Old Town Alexandria, VA


Woohoo, Della and Kevin pulled it off! What a tremendous job they did of creating a personalized and memorable wedding day at the Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria. Della and I started the afternoon off at the Hotel Monaco where she was getting all done up, then we walked down to meet Kevin for a first look at the infamous corner of King and Pitt Streets. The first look took us down the side streets of Old Town scoping out nooks and crannies for portraits. Then off  we went, wedding party in tow, to the historic Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria where we crossed paths with a street performer rockin’ out on the banjo… ok, so he was just sitting and picking away, but it was still cool!

With a yummy color palette of deep purples and oranges, the patio of the Carlyle house was transformed into a magical place including board games, I-spy games, and a massive D&D die for guests to roll. Rather than numbers, the die was littered with things for Kevin and Della to do – and as true gamers, they had to follow the rules and play along!

Kevin and Della brought together so many beautiful aspects of their individual personalities—as well as the relationship they’ve been building—to create a special wedding day. Congratulations you two, you did it your way and it was fabulous!!!! It was hard won, as most weddings are… the planning can become a bit overwhelming (I know I’ve been there!) and sometimes we feel like we are losing sight of who we are and what we really want the day to be about. Your wedding was a reminder that a wedding can be whatever you make it, and it was apparent in the vows you wrote to one another that you are deeply committed to always supporting one another in each and every endeavor.


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 D&K Cake Reception Montage

Della & Kevin, I wish you  a long happy life, I know you’ll make it a magical adventure together.



And a BIG thank you to Jenna Miller and John Mortenson for their excellent work as 2nd shooters and lighting assistants! Couldn’t have done it without you both!!

And another big big shout out to Anne Simpson for making Della and Kevin’s wedding day vision into reality! Wedding coordinator extraordinaire she is!

Della & Kevin | Sneak Peek Wedding | Old Town Alexandria

Sneak peek from a fabulous fall wedding with Kevin and Della at the Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria!

More of my favorites from the day soon to come, but for now, here are some great ones of these zany adorable newly weds…

Old town Alexandria wedding photography.

Old town Alexandria wedding photography.

Hollis Family | Children’s Portraits | Glen Echo Park, MD


Another great photo session at Glen Echo Park in Maryland this past Memorial Day weekend, with yet another H-B Woodlawn Alum! Not only is she an H-B girl, Laura also graduated with me in ’94. Woot! It was beyond fun to see Laura and to meet Jason and the boys. Reconnecting with Laura and seeing her family made me quickly realize… we really are all grown up… it’s a fact. Laura and Jason are doing a tremendous job raising their boys, which I imagine ain’t an easy feat! We had a blast exploring  Glen Echo together, and boy did we time it perfectly. No crowds, the weather was great, and we wrapped up just as the Glen Echo Festival was beginning!

I feel so honored to have had yet another chance to document another member of my H-B family, and to reconnect now that we have 20 years of post-high school life in our past. I am who I am now because of H-B Woodlawn. I know I say that often, but the love, admiration, and respect I feel for that place and all of the truly extraordinary people who are products of the H-B Woodlawn program are tremendous! Thank you Hollis family for making time for photos on your visit back “home.” The pure glee on the boys’ faces during bubble time made my day!


HollisFamily_Blog_0001 HollisFamily_Blog_0010 HollisFamily_Blog_0009 HollisFamily_Blog_0008 HollisFamily_Blog_0007 HollisFamily_Blog_0006 HollisFamily_Blog_0005 HollisFamily_Blog_0011 HollisFamily_Blog_0004 HollisFamily_Blog_0003 HollisFamily_Blog_0002 HollisFamily_Blog_0017 HollisFamily_Blog_0016 HollisFamily_Blog_0015 HollisFamily_Blog_0014 HollisFamily_Blog_0013 HollisFamily_Blog_0018

Lauren & Denise | Married! | Beacon Hotel, Washington, DC



You’ll definitely want to check out the gallery featuring some of our favorite images from Denise and Lauren’s wedding day!


Where to begin about these two awesome ladies? Well, funny enough, I met Denise through a seminar that WPA (Washington Project for the Arts) put on last year. The seminar was about how to artists can get their finances and taxes lined up! Boy, did that topic ring true for me. I signed up and was in the front row ready to soak up as much info as the speakers were willing to share that night. I walked away with my head buzzing, but I knew I had to approach Denise personally after the talk and hand her my business card AND sign up for a one-on-one session with her. She was direct, candid, and full of useful information, and I knew that if I wanted to take my business to the next level she was going to be instrumental. And indeed, she was!

After a few meetings with Denise it was clear to me that I needed to add an associate photographer to the Blink DC team. It was something I had thought about, but honestly been scared to do. Would I have enough business for this photographer? Do I want to be a “manager”? Are all my daily workflow systems ready and able to handle a new photographer? There were a thousand and one questions I had to answer. But with the help of my husband, who quickly became my office manager (once I decided to add an associate and grow the business), we were able to set up Blink DC to handle and welcome a new photographer. And boy if that wasn’t just in the nick of time! For it was Denise and Lauren’s wedding that would be the launch of this new chapter for Blink DC! It was a fateful day that I got a wonderful email from Denise saying she was engaged to her girlfriend Lauren, and she wanted ME to photograph the wedding! I was so deeply honored, especially after the champion that Denise had been for me, and was ready to start the paperwork when I suddenly realized… I was already booked!! It took a beat before I realized–Wait! I have an associate! Not only that, but I just knew that Kip, Lauren, and Denise would get along famously! I was nervous and excited to pitch the idea to the ladies. We set up a meeting for the four of us to sit down and talk wedding day plans, and boom, my new associate Kip was shooting his first wedding under the Blink DC name!

So while I wasn’t able to be there for the wedding day at the Beacon Hotel in downtown DC, I was able to meet with and join in on the engagement session while Kip worked his photography magic and worldly charm on our lovely brides! When I asked Kip what his take away was from the wedding and getting to know Denise and Lauren, this is what he said: I wasn’t sure what to expect. Throughout the process we could feel a sense of nerves building up toward the big day. At each step, whether it was our first meeting or the engagement shoot, a moment to breathe was needed–so I was interested to see how the day would unfold. But when you get the two of them together nothing else seems to matter. It rained, ok. People were sick, ok. Entrances and exits were changed on the fly, ok. The cab even got lost driving only one block, ok. Well, that one wasn’t ok. But in the end they breathed, they reflected, they were a couple. A couple that loves being around each other and knows each other.”

“I really enjoyed getting to know them over the months leading up to the wedding and getting to see them sparkle. They were both beautiful, beautiful brides.”

A very big congrats to Denise and Lauren! I’m excited to follow your newly wed adventures as well as what I know will be a long beautiful life together!


Some beautiful and fun handmade details!
Some beautiful and fun handmade details!

The vendors that made it all possible:

My secular weddings   Shawna Potter

DJ was Josh Rhett

Flowers – Caruso Florist

Georgetown Cupcakes

Musician for Cocktail hour

Rachel Bauchman

Ann & Jason | Married! | The Osprey’s at Belmont Woodbridge, VA

Such fun details, plus a s'more AND candy bar!!!
Such fun details, plus a s’more AND candy bar!!!


I have the great honor of blogging ANOTHER H-B Woodlawn alumni wedding, this time my first with a classmate who graduated with me in ’94! Woot! We were a graduating class of 62 seniors, and seeing some of my classmates after 20 years (yes, 20!), has been beyond amazing… everyone looks THE SAME! H-B’ers age well it seems; not only that, they have also put together some really FUN weddings! Ann and Jason’s story of how they got to the altar is full of life’s many challenges, including brain surgery and beating cancer, so it truly was an honor for me to be able to be there for a classmate and document this very monumental occasion.

Thank you Ann and Jason for having me be the one to come and create images that captured the meaningfulness of this day.



Ann and Jason wrote and read their own vows to one another.
Ann and Jason wrote and read their own vows to one another.


One of my favorite moments between bride and groom! Such a sweet and subtle way to show care and love, the hand kiss.
One of my favorite moments between bride and groom! Such a sweet and subtle way to show care and love, the hand kiss.





Jason on the phone cracking up! Priceless. I just want to know who he was calling!


This just cracks me up! Talk about an arm full!
This image made me laugh out loud! Thank you to my awesome 2nd shooter Chris Williams for getting this shot. Talk about an arm full!



Ann has a special affection for the water, as it reminds and connects here back to her grandparents. I thought that was such a lovely way to honor their spirits by having the wedding celebration overlooking the bay.
Ann has a special affection for the water, as it reminds and connects her back to her grandparents. I thought that was such a lovely way to honor their spirits by having the wedding celebration overlooking the bay.


Time to party!!
Time to party!!
Well if that isn’t my math teacher from H-B (and his lovely wife Mary – also an H-B teacher)! Hello Jim! This man single-handedly made me realize that maybe I was actually smart. So much love for our H-B teachers!


0026And some rousing toasts were made, tear, laughter and some very wise words.

And some rousing toasts were made, with tears, laughter and some very wise words.


Cheers to the tremendously happy couple!
Cheers to the tremendously happy couple!


Well if that isn't my math teacher from H-B! Hello Jim! This man single handedly made me realize that maybe I was actually smart. So much love for our H-B teachers!



There were so many meaningful moments for Ann and her father throughout the day, but this look between father and daughter makes me well up every time!


Oh, and it's about to get real up in here! Not only did everyone dance their faces off, some stella karaoke was waiting in the wings!
Oh, and it’s about to get real up in here! Not only did everyone dance their faces off, some stellar karaoke was waiting in the wings!





0041 0042



Some serious dancing happened up in here... and ALL night long!
Some serious dancing happened up in here… and ALL night long!

0046 0047


Yes, we all were not 100% of the words, but folks were signing with wild abandon!
Yes, we all were not getting 100% of the words, but folks were singing with wild abandon!

0054 0055 0056


Event the DJ was gettin' into it!
Even the DJ was gettin’ into it!



A very big congratulations to Jason & Ann! May your marriage be full of deliciously fun and meaningful adventures!

Darius & Jennifer | Married! | Hotel Monaco, Washington, DC


To see all of my most favorite images from Darius and Jennifer’s wedding, you can check out their gallery!


Where do I begin?! I’m just gonna say it, this was one hell of a good time! This wedding of course holds special and personal meaning for me, as the bride AND groom are both former HB Woodlawn alumni. Honestly… there just is no better treat for me than to be part of an HBer’s wedding day! I’ve been pretty darn fortunate in the last several years to begin having my HB family contact me for weddings and portraits, and this was just the icing on the HB cake.

To get to see so many familiar faces–including people I haven’t seen in 20+ years–is amazing, and Darius and Jenn set the tone off right at the gorgeous Hotel Monaco in downtown DC. I mean, who doesn’t love a Kimpton hotel?! From the uber chic halls and stairways we took advantage of during portraits, to the personal touches like the bowl of stones for each guest to take and imbue with love and well wishes, to the hilarious toasts complete with grannie panties and a very informative 1990s pamphlet on “changes”… this wedding couldn’t have been any more fun to document!

So a big thank you and CONGRATULATIONS to Darius and Jennifer, who might not have made the love connection in the halls of HB, but reconnected to bring together some amazing history and begin a pretty cool new adventure!

Sneak Peek | Ann & Jason Married | The Osprey’s At Belmont Bay | Woodbridge, MD




A very big congratulations to Ann & Jason on their marriage this past weekend at The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay in Woodbridge, VA. It was amazing to see Ann after 20 years. We graduated the same year from HB Woodlawn, so it was pretty surreal and fantastic to be a part of this celebration. Here we have a little sneak peek of a few portraits of the happy couple. Keep your eyes peeled for more on the blog from Ann & Jason’s wedding day!ann&jason_sneekpeak_www.blinkdc.com_009








Sneak Peek | Denise & Lauren Wedding Day | Washington, DC





I am excited to share a quick sneak peek of some awesome portraits of Denise and Lauren at National Geographic, and Human Rights Campaign Building from their wedding day this past weekend! Congratulation you two, you looked gorgeous!

Stay tuned for the full blog post with a ton of killer images from my associate Kip Pierson and our wonderful 2nd shooter, Lauren Rutten!





Cali & Dan | Fall Wedding | Cylburn Arboretum, Baltimore, MD

Cali & Dan_0013

Oh my gosh, where do I begin? Cali and Dan, Cali and Dan… you are just super fly!
I love my clients because they introduce me to the coolest places, like the Cylburn Arboretum! We loved it there so much that it has earned a place on our list of day trip destinations for the spring, or heck, maybe even this winter. Cylburn was a fantastic setting for Cali and Dan’s geeeorgeous fall wedding. I almost fell over with excitement when I saw how the creamy fall light was dancing among the jewel tone colors of the trees and plants that were all over the grounds of the arboretum. It got chilly fast as the sun began to dip below the horizon, but Cali, Dan and the whole wedding party braved the chill and helped me create some great, nay… super beautiful images!!  I could have stayed outside all day whisking Cali and Dan all over the grounds for portraits, but the day wasn’t about me; it was about the pretty dagone cool relationship that Cali and Dan have, and the new adventure of marriage they were about to embark upon!
I think out of all the great moments of the wedding day, one of my favorites was listening to the maid of honor’s speech. She said a lot of things that rang true for me in my own marriage, but the line that got me right in the ole heart was that she just knew Cali and Dan were a true match after she watched them cook together in their kitchen while hosting a dinner party for their friends. This is something near and dear to my heart because the first time I saw my now husband hosting a dinner party was the moment I began to fall in love with him, and day dream about all the fun gatherings we could have together!!
So, needless to say, I feel a kinship with Cali and Dan, and I know that any couple that can work well together in the kitchen is pretty bitchin’ (see what I did there?)! The theme of the maid of honor’s speech was reiterated by others throughout the night: Cali and Dan are a team. They complement each other so well. And while I realize that phrase gets tossed around a lot in reference to couples, I don’t hesitate to use it here. Cali and Dan’s partnership, their balance, has been evident to me as I’ve gotten to know and spend time with these two over the last several months.
Anywho… I could go on and on, but this is a photo blog after all! Here are some of the images that make me happy when I look back on Cali and Dan’s marriage celebration! And please be forewarned, Cali and Dan had some AH-MAZING guests at their wedding. These people could DANCE…and it was just too hard for me to narrow down all the amazingness on the dance floor, so you’re in for a treat!
Enjoy the full gallery of wedding images, or check out Cali & Dan’s engagement session.
And big applause to all of Cali and Dan’s wedding day vendors!
Food and Drink: Clementine
Interior Landscaping/Plant Rentals: Plants Alive!
Music: Maggie McMannus, MyDeejay
Florist: Fleur de Lis